What Would the Monkey Do?

I know you're tempted to laugh and think that I must have nothing to write about if I'm about to instruct you on how to best peel your banana. After all, you've been peeling bananas for as long as you can remember. Several of you might be doing it the better way, but I'd like to give you options and show you that there are other ways of peeling your banana besides the one you have been using.
Since most people don't take the time to wash their banana prior to eating, nor do they wash their hands or scrub under their nails this is an issue of germs. The point is to not touch the fruit beneath the peel. Every time I see someone pierce the peel with their nails to then rip open one of the ends, I can't help but cringe.

Here are 2 techniques to avoid getting gunk under your nail and touching the fruit with your finger:

1. Hold the body of the banana with one hand and the handle with the other (right end of the picture above) and just snap it open. If the handle doesn't snap back easily, a possibility if the banana isn't ripe enough, then don't continue struggling with this method or you'll run the risk of squishing the top. Just move on to technique #2.

2. THE MONKEY METHOD. This is how monkeys peel bananas. If you're going to take advice from anyone about bananas then a monkey should naturally be your first choice. Just hold the banana with the handle pointing down towards the floor and just pinch the end that is pointing up (left end of the picture above) with your thumb and pointer finger. This will cause the end to split and you just go ahead and peel!

Now go practice and eat a banana! 

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