A Closer Look at Sedentarism

Sorry for the false advertising. There really is nothing glamorous about being a couch potato. Looking like the beauty in the picture above is a tall order if your day mainly comprises of sitting down. Besides, forget looks, leading an inactive lifestyle is terrible for your health. 

Some of you may recall my run-ins with sedentarism (Yikes! Effects of Being Sedentary are Beginning to Show!) and how in a matter of weeks I started to pack on the pounds. Who knows what changes were taking place within my body, ones not apparent to the naked eye? 

I am revisiting this topic because new studies show findings that might change how you look at being sedentary:
  • As harmful to ones health as smoking
  • Prolonged periods of inactivity counteract time spent exercising and despite the sweat session can still negatively impact ones health
  • Adverse effects are apparent in as little as 2 weeks

    Feeling a little overwhelmed?? DON'T. Find out if your employer would consider providing a standing desk, stand when taking public transportation, take a moment to stretch, and incorporate moving in your free time. If you'll just be a tad more aware you'll find yourself taking steps to sitting and lounging less. 

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