Foodie Penpals Reveal Day!

I don't often post on weekends, this might just be my first time, which is fitting since it's also my first time participating in Foodie Penpals! I'll post all the details on how to participate below, but first I'd like to share what I received from my foodie penpal.

Isn't she pretty??

I got matched with a non-blogger, Allison, who is a student at the University of MN. The package she sent me was full of things that I love and other's that I've never tried before. I love the hand written note she including sharing just how much of a busy bee this girl is. She's a biology major with plans of becoming a dentist who also teaches sailing (how cool?!) and is on the sailing team.


Coconut flakes. Allison is a mind reader. Literally, a few days before I received my package I realized that the bag of coconut flakes in my cupboard went bad and had to be thrown away.

Raw macadamia butter. This is the first thing that I ate after opening the box. I spread it on a waffle and drizzled a little bit of honey. It was soooo good. I loved the creamy yet crunchy consistency. It has such a rich taste and mouthfeel. Definitely plan on getting some more of this.

Green superfood (berry flavor). I've always wanted to try these green powders that can be added to water. I'm definitely happy that Allison sent this to me, to finally quench my curiosity, but I wasn't a huge fan of this item. It didn't have a strong berry flavor and remained powdery even after being mixed with water. Maybe my ratio of this powder to water wasn't right. I'm tempted to buy another packet and give it another shot.

Dried papaya spears. Yum! My grandparents came over and I served this with some tea and it quickly disappeared. Was sad to see it go. Was interesting to see how dried papaya tastes nothing like fresh papaya.

Strawberry snack pouch. This pouch was made by Allison to be used for snacks on the go. So great since it can be washed and used again. Love!!

Savi Seed (Karmalized). I've never heard of Sacha Inchi seeds but according to the packaging these seeds are a great source of omega 3 ("13 times more than wild salmon!"), vitamin E, fiber, and tryptophan. These seeds were covered in cane sugar to give them some sweetness. It was really good!

I am so happy to have taken part in this program this month. Unfortunately, I won't be able to participate next month but have plans to get back into it the following month! Not only is it a fun way to try something new but there's that element of surprise that makes it that much more exciting. It was super great for me since this box came in on the day of my birthday. Allison, if you're reading this, are you psychic??? A) you sent it so that I'd get it on my birthday and B) you knew that I was in need of some coconut flakes! :)

The Lean Green Bean

If you want to participate, here's how:

- Head on over to The Lean Green Bean to fill out a form that literally take 1min to complete. Then after getting matched with a penpal you have until the 15th of the month to send out your goodies ($15 spending limit). The skies the limit in terms of what you can send. Feel free to buy it or make it, just touch base with your penpal to check out if they have any dietary restrictions.

- The last day of the month is reveal day and you're welcome to post about all of the great things that you've received from your foodie penpal.

I want to thank Allison for sending me such a great box of goodies and of course Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean, for making this happen. Thanks!


  1. I love that brand of coconut...I buy it all the time! And those savi seeds are so good. I got some chocolate covered ones in a swap I did and ate them in one day!

  2. mmm... I think I will definitely be giving chocolate covered savi seeds a try! Sounds delicious!