Portion Size vs. Serving Size

Let's get something straight: portion size  serving size. Although these terms are often interchanged, they shouldn't be because they mean two different things.

Serving size: an amount of food determined by information gathered from national food consumption surveys. Typically seen on a food label. 

Potion size: an amount of food that you choose to eat. This could be a single serving of something, half the serving, or double the recommended serving size. 

Knowing the serving size of a food is helpful because based on this figure you can determine how many calories and nutrients are in an X amount of food. You should then use this information to help you figure out what your portion size should be. Just because the package says 23 Fritos are a serving doesn't mean that you should eat 23 Fritos. Instead you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I hungry?
  • What have I eaten thus far and what do I plan on eating later on?
  • Does this food provide my body with anything beneficial? 
Don't let a food label boss you around! Instead let it act as your guide in letting you eat however much you think you need to be eating. 

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